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Jenn Mon is a lover of all things movement. As a physical therapist with experience treating all ages from newborns to athletes to seniors, she lives to share movement wellness with every body shape and functional ability. With experience in dance, fitness, and pilates, you can expect her classes will safely lead you through vibrant progressions that address blind spots and complement your other fitness ventures. Jenn regularly teaches Sculpt, Flow, and Roll and Relax, and she is available for consult in addressing injuries/rehab and prevention.



Carly has been dancing and bopping around ever since she can remember. After dancing all her life, she decided to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, for Voice, to explore her other talents. She then made her way out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in performance, where she didn't know anyone. Walking into a yoga studio and signing up for one month unlimited is where it all began; and it has not stopped since. It was yoga that kept her going and it soon became a lifestyle. Taking anything from Hot Yoga to Yoga Sculpt, it is no wonder she stubled upon Yoga Barre, a mix between Yoga, Dance, and Pilates. Carly is so passionate about Yoga Barre, seeing results immediately and wishing to bring that joy and change to anyone and everyone who will listen!



Kelly is at her happiest when helping others and being on her mat.  Through teaching, she has found the best of both worlds, assisting yogis on their mats!  She is a certified Vinayasa flow teacher (RYT) through CorePower Yoga and is also a children’s yoga teacher (RYCT) through Yoga Alliance, both in 2014.  Kelly believes in continuously learning and improving, as well as growing her own yoga practice, to become a better teacher and yogi.  Off the mat, she loves to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (has built homes across the US, India, Thailand, and Chile) and other charitable causes.  She and her boxer dog, Peanut, live happily in the South Bay.




Born and raised in the suburbs of Orlando Fl, Manndola has been singing and dancing his entire life. Performing operatically for the likes of Kathleen Battle and top record executives, he always works hard and lives life fearlessly. After moving to L.A. in 2012, Manndola took his first barre class and was immediately hooked. The following year he completed his training under master instructor Nancy Norby and the rest is history. Expect to work hard... Expect to be in the best shape of your life... And most importantly expect to have fun when taking a class with him!!



Once upon a time Vivian was on track in climbing up the ladder of corporate accounting, and then she woke up. Her happy place is almost any yoga room that radiates warmth and authenticity. She started her yoga training by completing a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certification in Hot Yoga followed by another 200 hr certification in Vinyasa flow. To gain a better understanding of how to use yoga as a means to heal from injury or illness, she spent 2 years at Loyola Marymount studying Yoga Therapeutics. Vivian is most influenced by the work of Jill Miller, with whom she's completed multiple trainings to become an Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher and continues to practice an array of better movement and self care modalities. Her classes incorporate anything from dance-like flows with handstands and arm balances, to mindful breathing exercises and rolling on balls for self-massage. When she’s not making killer playlists for class, Vivian enjoys finding new restaurants and ordering way too much food.

Kaleena bajo


Kaleena was an overachiever. She would ask herself, “What is it that I truly love?” But the only answer she could come up with was “having a clean house.” One rainy day after 3 grilled cheeses & SEVERAL DIET DR. PEPPERS, she went to her first yoga class. During child’s pose, it hit her—she was still a child. Kaleena knew at that moment that she was going to have to start over, rebuilding herself breath by breath. Ever since, she has been enchanted by the idea of serendipity and magic—trusting the universe just to "do what it does". Kaleena is  committed to embodying a life of service, she aims to encourage others to reach their highest potential with her contagious sense of humor, righteous playlist, and lightness of being. Let's challenge ourselves, feel empowered, and most importantly find JOY! Shine bright friends!!!

jyima ofora-atta

Jyima Ofori-Atta is a NASM certified personal trainer who got his experience training boxers and collegiate athletes, specializing in safe rapid weight loss. "My philosphy and approach to fitness is finding the appropriate balance between high intensity training without over exerting youself." In addtion to preparing athletes for the Olympics and professional sports, Jyima has extensive experience in functional movement, helping people correct any muscle imbalances and strengthening their core. As a team captain of his college basketball team, Jyima has learned how to motivate and be attentive when training in a group setting.


Davon has been playing sports competitively since the age of 10. He started out playing baseball and basketball, and a few years later he would pick up wrestling, football, and track and field. In high school, he would go on to excel in wrestling and football but choose football as his main sport. In 2004, he committed to playing fullback for Michigan State University. When his football career ended, he decided to study Muay Thai, which led him into Mixed Martial Arts. Through MMA, he stumbled upon CrossFit as a way to condition for fights. After getting his butt whipped during his first Wod, he knew CrossFit was something he needed to do more often. In 2011, he moved to Boston, where he trained competitively in CrossFit, doing about 6 to 8 competitions a year. Davon decided to become a CrossFit coach after he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since then, he has had a passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle.



Karen was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she's worked most of her life as a piano instructor at various music studios in the city. Mentoring students of all ages, and guiding them to their highest potential as a musician, awakened her passion to teach. After experiencing some life altering events, she needed to find a way to release negative emotions and calm her mind. She found composing music and creating art to be very therapeutic, but when these things weren't enough, there was yoga. After her first yoga and Buti Yoga class the journey to self-healing and spiritual growth was ignited. Making yoga a part of her daily repertoire has gifted self-awareness, love, confidence, and courage that helps nourish her creative soul. Karen decided to become a Buti Yoga instructor to create a space for students and to support them with conjuring their own healing magic in sacred movement. In addition to group classes, she also creates handmade jewelry, custom made essential oil fragrances, and hosts The Buti Woodstock Experience. Set your intention with her on your mat. Let's shake off negative energy, celebrate life, connect, dance wildly and freely! She also provides live music for your sweet Savasana.

Malaika butoyi

Introduced to Hatha Yoga in my teens, I love to live with purpose, impact my world with dynamic movement and joyful noise, and offer healing meditative reflection. My journey to teaching at Evoke Yoga began once I completed Power Yoga Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga Wilshire studio with Kumudini November 2011, Pilates training Spring 2012, Sculpt Training Summer 2013 at Encino studio, and Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training September 2013 at Studio City. Group X, Yoga, and Meditation show me a place beyond what can be seen, where we are all connected. On the Santa Monica Bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, during a rigorous plyo-metrics exercise, singing and dancing at a Hindu Kirtan festival, or reading aloud the Radiance Sutras during a Restorative class – I am in exactly the right place, doing what I was born to do. I find resonance within and without, and encourage others to awaken and brighten their own unique light. I hold the space for others to experience their own power. With practice, true joy flows, bringing deep healing and inner peace. Let’s manifest a new reality together on the mat: “Be the light!”


Yogi, artist, designer, animal lover and foodie living and loving in Los Angeles. From an early age, Jessy has trained in traditional Chinese dance in Taipei, Taiwan, where she was born, until the age of 13 when she moved to the U.S. At age 20, she tip-toed herself into her first yoga class but it's not until 10 years later that she started to take her practice diligently. Working in the fashion industry that is ego-driven, she turned to yoga and meditation to keep herself centered. After 4 years of diligent practice, she decided it was time to deepen her practice even more and spread the joy and benefit of yoga and recieved her 200 HRS RYT in April 2016. With uplifting spirit, she aims to inspire her students to love and honor their mind and body through dedication and commitment.  


An avid mover, adventurer, and explorer, Megan enjoys bringing movement and balance into others' lives. Megan's teaching style is influenced by an extensive background in dance, Yoga, Pilates, and fitness. While her classes are welcoming to all levels, she will ensure you personally challenge your mental, physical, and inner-self explorations. Students leave her classes feeling a heightened sense of clarity and openness. Out of the studio, Megan pursues her passions for traveling, the arts, and living the healthy life one beautiful day at a time.  


"I'd love to tell you I found yoga after a corporate life or at the end ofa long search for stress-releif and balance, but the truth is, yoga found me when I was 11 years old." A young Katherine wandered into a studio down her street and has been down-doggin' since. At 17 she signed up for her first teacher training at Santa Monica Yoga, where she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga. At Sarah Lawrence College she found ballet and modern dance. With confidence to choreograph and creat, vinyasa starte flowing through her, and they've been quite the pair since.  Yoga heals and soothes - her pracitice is her happy place. Come share the love and move around with Katherine! The sequences are challenging so the savasana is well-earned!

Catherine donnelly

A native Sothern Californian, Catherine still spends the majority of her time playing in the sunshine. After years of soccer and competitive running, she became an NSCA certified personal trainer during her undergrad studies at UCLA. Catherine gave the corporate world a try for a brief period of time during which she got bit by the yoga bug. Within months, she obtained her 200-hour certification in Santa Monica, left her job and has been happily teaching all over Los Angeles ever since. From NBC's Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu to downtown LA, fitness has taught her more than she could have imagined. She combines athleticism and grace in her classes and loves to keep people on their toes (literally)!


Being an athlete and having a love for fitness, Emmanuel has always looked for ways to challenge himself and grow. In 2010 he was introduced to yoga and has been hooked ever since. Immediately he fell in love with the intensity, energy, and heat of yoga sculpt and completed a yoga sculpt teacher training in early 2011 at Corepower Yoga. In his sculpt class, Emmanuel brings the physicality of the gym onto his yoga mat while building on the foundations of vinyasa yoga. He also enjoys bringing his passion for music into his class-- you will be sure to hear upbeat and fun music creating an atmosphere for you to push yourself and get energized. His class will be challenging, while allowing time for restoration and healing. This class is an experience for your mind, body, and soul!

Emily cummings

As a former dancer, Emily has always been drawn to various styles of Vinyasa flow. She likes to get people moving with intention and in connection to the breath. Music plays a huge role in Emily’s classes. She likes to move and flow to the music, and to use it to aid in meditation. Practicing yoga has helped Emily to hold space for herself, cultivate self love, and to create peace in her life. Her mission is to lead others to feel the same. She wants to inspire and challenge her students to develop a conscious, mindful practice that they carry with them off the mat and into their lives.

Keisha bolden

Keisha began her movement career as a dancer in NYC at age 19. Every day, she pushed her body to the max without ever considering self care. Then one day, in ballet class she fell landing out of jump, badly injuring her knee. After of her injury, Keisha began to look for solutions to increase flexibility and to stabilize her overstressed joints. This search led her to discover yoga and pilates as a self care practice. After practicing yoga on and off for several years, Keisha traveled to India to study yoga and stayed for 6 months to teach yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala India. Ever since experiencing the transformative effects of yoga and pilates on the mind and body, she has committed her career to teaching others these techniques. Keisha genuinely believes that practicing yoga increases mental clarity and productivity while creating a body that is stronger, more agile and more relaxed. Keisha is currently pursuing her Master's of Science in Social Entrepreneurship at USC (Marshall School of Business). For more information about Keisha's teaching style, special workshops, and events visit

Elizabeth flynn

Elizabeth is a Los Angeles based yoga instructor, mindfulness coach and relational leader with a lust for creative living and an intuitive gypsy soul. Originally from the UK, Elizabeth has lived all over the world including working as a teacher trainer at the Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand and teaching in London and Paris.Elizabeth first discovered hot yoga whilst enduring a particularly frozen winter in Paris and has never looked back. Initially trained in Absolute Yoga, Elizabeth enjoys teaching and practicing a wide range of yoga styles including traditional hot, hot flow, power, vinyasa and ashtanga. She believes yoga is a transformative healing practice that unifies the body with mind and the spiritual with the physical whilst promoting a lifestyle of health and happiness. Yoga is for everybody, it is a life changer, an eye opener and a forward thinker. When Elizabeth is not on the mat she enjoys connecting with nature, fighting for a sustainable future, making Earth art, wandering the planet and cooking delicious plant based meals.

Lenka Havlicek

Originally from Prague, the Czech Republic, Lenka became an Angelino in 2013. She left her family, friends, and a career as a TV host to follow the love of her life. Despite great support from everyone around her, Lenka struggled at first with finding her purpose in Los Angeles. In order to stay sane, stepping outside of her comfort zone became part of her everyday life. That's when a friend brought her to Evoke Yoga, where she took her very first yoga class. She is forever grateful for that idea, her practice has become a place where no one cares about her accent, career achievements or cultural differences.  After 3 years of diligent work, she was encouraged by teachers to become a teacher herself, thus spreading the passion for a healthy lifestyle. With Sculpt Yoga being her favorite style of yoga, Lenka completed the Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at Hot 8 Yoga Santa Monica in 2016. Now the circle is closing, by becoming a teacher at Evoke Yoga she can pass on the love, experience, encouragement, and all the good stuff she once received from the Evoke community. Lenkas motto: "If I only make one person inspired, challenged, or happy, my purpose has been served." When she is not sweating in the yoga studio with all of you, she is probably lifting weights at the gym, studying to become a Primal Health Coach, drinking an americano, facetiming with her big sister or traveling the world with her husband. In Lenka's classes be prepared to work hard while listening to an awesome playlist, and a cute accent :).

miguel angel


Miguel has practiced the 26+2 for over a decade with a passion for swimming running and cycling. After a cycling accident he began study in an alignment-based practice, felt immediately drawn and progressed to a 500-hour certification by way of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage. Convinced the practice helps repair, detox, and bring us back to alignment with our mind, body and spirit, Miguel's primary teaching focus is on breathing and alignment. He recently has explored adding music to the 26+2, making for a fun twist to the beneficial sequence. When taking his class he tells students to remember it's a beginners sequence-- “I encourage everyone with an Asana practice to ‘give it a go’, whatever stage you are in right now, try it for a few months and see your posture improve.”

coco hoyne


Coco is all about you enjoying yourself and enjoying being in your body. She wants your class to be high energy and fun! Encouraging you to try new things and maybe step outside of your comfort zone to be challenged. She brings on an awesome, sweaty workout. Trained in power vinyasa, hot, and yoga sculpt, she just wants to share what she loves with the world.


Liza F. Camba (Sat-Akal) is a dedicated teacher, intuitive healer, practical mystic, artist, and guide. Have you ever felt like something was missing, a change needed to be made, that there had to be more to life, or that there was a greater purpose for yourself? In search for answers, Liza found herself going deeper and deeper on her journey, studied directly with various modern day mystics, teachers, and luminaries, and eventually found herself on a path for healing, teaching, and transformation. In her work, she brings the consciousness of over a decade of community and political activist work ranging from labor rights, civil rights, and international human rights, producing and curating artistic expression, years of intuitive self healing practices, and a deep commitment to honor Creative Consciousness and Right Relationship. Her present experience is colored by a love for yogic philosophy and lifestyle, mystical traditions, shamanism, ancient and universal wisdom practices, and above all - a deep reverence for the Oneness of all life. In Service, she teaches and guides people to experience the Divine within themselves and to consciously create the life of their greatest dreams.

lauren palazzolo