yoga sculpt teacher training

Learn to bridge together the foundations of Yoga and strength training to build a well-rounded practice. In this seven week workshop setting, we will break down postures, dive into the anatomy of yoga and practice teaching together. you will recieve all the tools you need to lead a safe and rewarding practice. Are you ready to take the first step into your yoga sculpt teacher training journey?


Emmanuel Oliha 

Being an athlete and having a love for fitness, Emmanuel has always looked for ways to challenge himself and grow. In 2010 he was introduced to yoga and has been hooked ever since. Immediately he fell in love with the intensity, energy, and heat of yoga sculpt and completed a yoga sculpt teacher training in early 2011 at Corepower Yoga. In his sculpt class, Emmanuel brings the physicality of the gym onto his yoga mat while building on the foundations of vinyasa yoga. He also enjoys bringing his passion for music into his class-- you will be sure to hear upbeat and fun music creating an atmosphere for you to push yourself and get energized. His class will be challenging, while allowing time for restoration and healing. This class is an experience for your mind, body, and soul!

free info session Saturday august 4th 11:30AM!

Course Curriculum:

  • Principles of Yoga: History of yoga, Asanas, Vinyasa (Flow), Heat, Breath, Alignment & Safety, and sequencing

  • Principles of Yoga Sculpt: Fundamentals for a sculpt practice, benefits, incorporation of strength training with yoga, and sequencing

  • Music: How to incorporate music into your practice, how music can aide in teaching, and teaching to the beat

  • Anatomy: Study of anatomy of the body and applications to yoga - alignment, safety, and more

  • Teaching Methodology: Complete guide to leading and teaching a practice - inclusive of instruction, modifications, and teaching styles

  • Practice Teaching: The opportunity to teach in a safe place to give and reactive feedback

  • Business of yoga: Opportunities, marketing yourself, and professional requirements/standards

  • Sequencing Deep Dive - Bridging the elements of yoga and strength training to develop a well rounded yoga practice

  • Observation and practice - Observation and the practice of yoga and yoga sculpt classes. Opportunity to learn first hand from other instructors. 



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Fri. 8/24 5:30pm - 9:30pm                 

Sat. 8/25 8:am - 6:30pm                     

Sun. 8/26 8:30am - 6:30pm             

Wed. 8/29 6pm - 9pm                           

Fri. 9/7 6pm - 9pm                             

Wed. 9/12 6pm - 9pm                       

Wed. 9/19 6pm - 9pm                           

Fri. 9/21 7pm - 9:30pm                     

Wed. 10/3 6pm - 9pm                         

Sat. 10/6 Afternoon



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"Seriously Emmanuel is a sculpt GOD!!! Honestly everything set me up for success and I feel confident enough to teach a class, was everything i could have imagined."

"I loved the community feel we all supported each other and watched each other grow. I loved seeing demos of Emmanuel do each section, he's so helpful and encouraging and offers great feedback."

"Emmanuel knew how to get us talking and we instantly all grew so close. Throughout the six weeks together, I really began to admire Emmanuel's teaching strategy. His dedication to the subject was already evident through his upbeat and challenging fusion of yoga, cardio and strength building but his passion for spreading his knowledge was carried out through his careful and clear instruction, willingness to breakdown each posture in detail and patience to evaluate each of us teaching our own mini yoga sculpt sequences while providing constructive and affirmative feedback in return. I had been blessed to have him as a teacher on the mat and as an inspiration off the mat. He brings so much light and positivity into my day and radiates his optimism and charismatic energy to everyone he meets. I am a stronger yogi because of his encouragement and confidence in my ability to be a teacher of my own."

"Just by taking Emmanuel's class, I knew he was going to be a fantastic teacher. His knowledge of the yoga sculpt practice as well as the mental and physical aspects are astounding. I can’t tell you how much I learned in such a short period of time and through this training, it created such a confidence in me, that I was ready to audition almost right away after graduation, and I have now been teaching regularly. The feedback has been phenomenal and I have Emmanuel to thank for all of that...I could’ve never done it without him, and bonus..He’s also a really awesome human being!"