a Pilates practice offers a myriad of benefits thats help to correct imbalances, rehabilitate specific injuries and support specific movements. At evoke we´re happy to pair you with a highly experienced and qualified instructor for a private/semi-private reformer session.

megan kenson


Megan is a lover of movement, adventure, and exploration. Though mainly stationed in Los Angeles, she travels the globe sharing her adoration for Pilates, yoga, dance and fitness with all she meets. She enjoys bringing balance into others' lives. Her creative and passionate approach to instruction is supported by a life-long dance background, which has given her a skilled eye for proper technique and form. Students leave feeling grounded with a heightened sense of clarity and openness.  Megan began her Pilates journey at age fourteen taking mat classes to enhance her dance training. She learned early on how essential Pilates is for optimal physical health and performance. Plug into your full potential. Practice an integration of body work techniques that tune you into your natural flow of strength, length, energy and breath. Megan has years of experience teaching a wide range of body types, from athletes to those suffering from injury. Whether you are interested in rehabilitating/preventing an injury or just want to look and feel your best, together you can create a wellness prescription for your specific wants and needs. Megan is a 2015 graduate of Pilates Technique Certification 500+ hours certification program mentored by Jill Cassady (who studied directly under Romana Kryzanowska and Ron Fletcher). This program provided a solid foundation in traditional, East-Coast Style Pilates through Level 5 on all Pilates apparatus. Out of the studio, she pursues her passions for the arts, travel, and living the healthy life one beautiful day at a time.

drea sobke


Originally from San Diego, Drea took her first ballet class when she was three years old and hasn't stopped exploring movement since. While studying at Chapman University towards her BFA in Dance Performance , Drea took her first Pilates Mat class as a requirement for her degree. After only a few classes, she began to see the benefits of Pilates in her dance technique and in her daily life. Needless to say, she was hooked. Pilates has greatly impacted Drea's professional dance career. In 2007, Drea became a Certified Pilates Instructor for mat and apparatus through Body Arts and Science International (BASI), under the instruction of master trainer Rael Isacowitz. Soon after, she attained an additional certification in Pre-Natal and Post Partum Pilates through The Center for Women’s Fitness by master trainer Carolyn Anthony.  Her studies on treating Lumbar Lordosis were published by BASI in 2012.  Drea is a detailed instructor and works tenaciously with her clients to find the special mind-body connection that makes Pilates unique from other strengthening regimens. She is always exploring new methods of sharing Pilates with her clients and believes that there is always more to learn and discover in this ever evolving practice. Drea is happy to share her passion for Pilates with clients of all ages and levels of fitness.

LEA norin

Lea has been teaching Pilates since studying the comprehensive teaching training by Body Arts and Science International in 2006. She absolutely loves sharing her passion for Pilates with everyone! Living in downtown now and working primarily on the Westside, teaching at Evoke is a real treat for Lea since she can walk over from her home! Plus she really loves the vibe here at the studio. Pilates with Lea is about stretching and strengthening in a therapeutic way. Starting her career at a Physical Therapy Wellness Center then branching out to private studios, gyms, and people's homes, you can expect a well rounded instructor who is adaptable and ready to help you achieve your goals. Pilates has helped Lea with her thoracic scoliosis, overall pain managent and well being. Trained on all apparatus, different styles of Pilates, meditation, yoga, a variety physical therapy exerccises, and even a few Thai Massage techniques. Lea looks forward to meeting you and helping you get to know your body better!


To book a private session with any of our instructors, call us at 213-375-5528 or inquire at the front desk!